CheGlok is a Russian brand of tactical clothing and equipment. Made in Russia. Reliable guarantee from the Russian military industry.
The main difference between tactical clothing and ordinary clothing is its reliability, functionality, strength and durability. Our many years of experience working with special purpose units allowed us to develop a special approach to the creation of clothing.

Each model goes through several stages of development.
We are now ready to sell and receive customer feedback! We have formed the price of a set with interesting, in our opinion, options for combining different positions. In the near future we are preparing the launch of sales and each of you can become our partner in the production of quality clothing.

What are we ready to offer you? We are ready to offer you to become a member of the trade-in program in our company. We are ready to start testing our new models at the development stage on an international scale. Each new model during the first year from the start of its sales can be replaced by the buyer at a significantly lower price for a new one, made taking into account all the comments.

What will you get from us in the end? Quality garments made from durable materials with a worldwide test guarantee.

Мы оцениваем возможности Вашей территории, изучаем микро- и макроположения, анализируем транспортную доступность и пешеходный трафик, изучаем инфраструктуру, ландшафт, исследуем социальные группы.
Разрабатываем маркетинговую концепцию, разрабатываем стратегию и план редевелопмента, исследуем целевые группы.
Разрабатываем идеологию и концепцию проекта, предлагаем архитектурно-градостроительные решения, создаем схему функционального зонирования, составляем общий эскизный план проекта, раскрываем потенциал развития территории, разрабатываем програмно-событийное наполнение.
Why we?
Our many years of experience allow us to produce: reliable, functional, durable and durable tactical clothing.
  • High Quality
    Long-term work experience makes it possible to take on projects of any complexity.
  • Individual approach
    Each client is unique. We develop unique concepts for everyone.
  • Warranty
    We work with all clients only officially and give guarantees for all types of work.
  • Professionals
    All of our team members have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of tactical clothing.
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